RALEIGH, the world's second oldest Bicycle company is our mainstay supplier and offers terrific value across their entire product line. Everyone had, admired or wanted, a RALEIGH as youngster. Since they came from Nottingham, England back then, it made you feel a little like Robin Hood or one of his band, or even Maid Marion, to ride one. All fantasies aside, they still feel good to ride no mater what the category. ROAD, FLAT BAR ROAD, MOUNTAIN, SPORT COMFORT, HYBRID, CLASSIC CRUISERS, and KIDS in ALL SIZES and many COLORS.

Take a look see at www.raleighusa.com

MARIN, the most creatively distinct brand of bikes on the market, produced by an employee owned California company whose innovations have been copied industry-wide. MARIN styling always stands out and it's value is well known. Great looks and unique design features without the soaring price levels of some other brands.

You'll want to browse a while at www.marinbikes.com

DIAMONDBACK Bicycles and DIAMONDBACK BMX Bikes cover a broad range of products. As a wholly owned part of Raleigh USA, Diamondback provides excellent value and variety with a focus on Mountain and BMX but also offers a full variety of bicycle products that show creative design and styling differences from the Raleigh product lines. Variety is a pretty good spice if you sample it often enough.

 Try a taste at www.diamondback.com

HARO Bikes continues to amaze, like it's founder did when, as a teenager, Bob Haro landed a role as a bike-riding friend of Elliot, in "E.T. THE EXTA TERRESTRIAL." Actual flying is not recommended but it is OK to feel like you can, when you ride your Haro. In addition to dominating the BMX maket, nationwide, HARO produces many better than average mountian bikes priced like the others guys aveage bikes but keep it to yourself. Their cruisers, previously known as DEL SOL, are absolutely California cool. No other adequate way to describre them. Their new line or HEARTLAND bikes will keep you asking questions and trying out  test rides. Do you want the 700C wheel or the 26? The frame design and colors are exceptional. 

Try surfing a few minutes or more at www.harobikes.com

MASI Bikes are what that starry-eyed young cyclist is riding in BREAKING AWAY. Remember? But more importantly, another fellow named Eddie Merckx, whose records at winning ALL the worlds top races even Lance hasn't broken, were all built by MASI. If you want something truely uinique and based in ITALIAN road racing tradtion, stop in and we'll let you look underneath the bottom bracket of a MASI.

No plastic deraileur cable guides on these bikes ! ! Wet your beak a little at www.masibikes.com